Identification of Tiger eye stone bracelet

(1) See: Natural crystal in the process of formation, often affected by the environment always contain some impurities, to the sun observation, can be seen a faint uniform fine horizontal or willow floc material. and false crystal more use of defective crystal slag, glass slag smelting, after polishing processing, color imitation, no uniform stripes, willow floc material.

(2) Tongue licking: Even in the hot summer dog days, licking the natural crystal surface with the tongue, also has the cold and cool feeling. False crystal, there is no cool feeling.

(3) Light: Natural crystal vertically placed in the sun, no matter from which point of view, can emit beautiful luster. Fake crystals can't.

(4) Hardness: Natural crystal hardness, with crushed stone on the jewelry gently uniform, will not leave traces;

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