The implication of the crystal bracelet

A symbol of pure white crystal bracelet. The transparent ice crystals are reminiscent of the clean and quiet water.

The meaning of Garnet crystal: represent harmonious purity, enhance memory, trigger inspiration, purify Soul, ward off evil spirits, hundred fuk thousand Xiang.

Symbolize the wisdom of amethyst bracelet. Noble Purple crystal mellow like wine.

The implication of Amethyst: developing intelligence, steady emotion, enhancing intuition, helping to think, concentrating, increasing memory ability, enhancing interpersonal relationship, giving courage and strength. Represents the noble and faithful love, often as lovers of the stone. Amethyst in the Western countries also represents the "love of the Stone", can give couples, couples between the deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

Yellow crystal bracelet to help fortune. Large blossoming crystal flowers clustered clusters, a kind of autumn breath.