The style of the bracelet

Bracelet chain is a kind of jewelry which is reformed on the basis of bracelets. It has both the style of the bracelet and the aura of the necklace, and the bracelet chain that can be chosen is:

Strap type, this early bracelet chain style more generous, dignified, all ages. Watch style, it is characterized by a large gem or a string of small gems, fine workmanship, elegant, rich. This style is more suitable for women performing, translation and other work, and for some $number women are also appropriate.

Flower bracelet chain, there are inlaid gems, there are not inlaid gems, some with gold, platinum two materials, rich in color. This bracelet chain can be used for dual purpose or use. The two root chain at most open, connected into one, and can be used as a necklace. Some inlaid with gems bracelet chain, can also form pendant, necklace two pieces set of jewelry.